A Deity's Bribe

Approx.1203 A.D. As he was slaughtering countless soldiers on both sides, a blinding light manifested itself behind him. He did not shield his eyes, as he felt no pain, and all that was around him seemed to slow to a stop.

Eternus: And who may you be to stop such an event?

Deity: In what name do you fight for with such Ferocity?

Eternus: Boredom. Show me your face.

Deity: Such arrogance, demanding gods. But, alas I have no face.

Eternus: Aren't you supposed to take on a form to give humans more comfort.

Deity: Very well. I shall humor you, for now.

The Deity takes a form of a radiant woman in robes.

Eternus: Now to business, what is it you wish of me?

Deity: To prevent you from fighting in this holy war.

Eternus: Holy!? Look around you!

The Deity continues on.

Deity: These people must be allowed to end this war as they see fit. You will only contaminate the outcome, prolong and increase the casualties of this war.

Eternus: Isn’t that a soldier’s job?

The Deity stares at him unamused.

Eternus:Why should I do this?

The Deity hands out a sword.

Deity: This.

Eternus takes the sword marveling at it.

Deity: It will allow you to continue your mindless brutality elsewhere.

Eternus widened his eyes.

Eternus: You’re bribing me?

Deity: It is a good weapon, can cut through the hardest of metals and can withstand the center of your sun without a mark.

Eternus: Is it invulnerable like me?

Deity: You know even gods cannot accomplish that.

Eternus: And you asked why I’m so arrogant.

He looks down at the sword then looks up and holds out his hand.

Eternus: Deal.

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